Norman Sapoznik is an artist and photographer living and working in New York City, and at his winter retreat in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Norm was born in a refugee camp in Austria in 1947. He was class artist and writer in elementary school, high school yearbook artist and graduated from the School of Visual Arts, with honors in painting 1967.

He served as the Peace Corps Volunteer, Malaysia 1967-69, as an Industrial Arts Teacher. He served as a volunteer on Kibbutz Givat Brenner in Israel 1970 and worked as an art director, tv producer and designer until 1986, in NYC. He produced, directed/designed over 100 tv commercials, scores of industrial films, slide shows, over 90 books and hundreds of ads. In 1986, Norm returned to teaching.

Norm returned to teaching as a NYCBoE, High School Teacher in Media Arts until 2008. In his career, he has taught over 13,000 students. Norm is retired but teaches art to the Limetree Artists in Boynton Beach, where he and his wife Yaffa live during the Winter.

Portraits, architectural paintings and character drawings are Norm's specialty.

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